Homes For Sale in Laveen
an Urban Village of Phoenix, ARIZONA

Search Results - Laveen PHX Map Tab

The Map Tab of the Laveen search results page allows you to view plotted MLS real estate listings on a map and search for additional Laveen home listings. The Map Tab has various tools to help you view the available information.

Moving the Map around Laveen


To adjust the zoom level to display a larger or smaller area of Laveen, you have five options:

Laveen Listing Information

When listings are plotted on the map, click on a listing icon to get more information. A listing bubble will appear with more information about the listing. Click on the listing icon or on More Info to bring up the single-listing view in your summary panel. Click on the links to get a Street View or BirdLaveen PHXs Eye view of the location or to Zoom to the location on the map.

Color Legend

In the lower right corner of the mapping screen, click the color wheel icon to bring up the color legend. The initial view of the color legend will display different colored dots that correspond to the statuses of the properties that are plotted on the map. Click on the drop-down arrow to change the colored listing dots to display graded colors to show the listings by Price or by Price/Square Foot. This feature allows you to visually track price trends among mapped listings.

Nosy Neighbor

Click on the i icon next to the search shapes to use the Nosy Neighbor tool. Using this tool, click on a point on the map to view parcel dimensions, where available, and a mini history of the parcel. Use the links in the information bubble if you'd like to add any of the historical listings to your selected tab.

Locate a Laveen Address

Click on the pushpin icon and enter an address to plot a point on the map. If the address is found immediately, the point will appear as a pushpin on the map. If there are multiple possible matches, you will be presented with a list of matching locations to choose from. If no locations match your search criteria, you will be given the option to edit the address that you are searching for, or manually locate the location on the map.


Click on the drop-down list in the upper right corner of the map tab to view available overlays. You may choose if you would like to show or hide the available overlays.

Menu Options

Using the menu options on the left of the page you may view the following areas:

Using the menu options at the upper right corner of your Laveen FlexMLS Portal page, you may:

Click the blue Actions button on the currently highlighted listing, and you may: