Homes For Sale in Laveen
an Urban Village of Phoenix, ARIZONA

Laveen Search Results - List Tab

The Laveen PHX List Tab displays columns of information about listings. The listings are displayed in an Infinite Grid. Once the search results load, you may scroll through the full list of matching listings without having to navigate through separate pages. For example, with a list of 200 listings, you can scroll down and view listings 1 to 200 without having to navigate to a different page. You may also jump to a specific point in the list by typing the number in the selection box at the top of the screen. Adjust the font size for your listing information by clicking on the plus and minus buttons at the upper right corner of the screen, just below the tabs. Sets of Listings

  • Results - At the upper left corner of the displayed listings, see the number of Laveen listings in your current news feed, listing collection or search.
  • View Checked Laveen PHX Click the View Checked link to view only Laveen listings for sale which you have placed a check mark next to. To return to your full list of search results, click the View All link.
  • Sort

    You may sort by clicking on a column heading. You will then have the option to choose whether to sort the results in ascending or descending order. You may also click Sort to access several pre-defined sorting options.

    Menu Options (Laveen PHX)

    Using the menu options on the left of the page you may view the following areas:
  • New Feed Laveen PHX The News Feed contains listings that have been sent to you via subscription updates.
  • Saved Listings Laveen PHX Use the star icon to mark a listing as a favorite and put it in your Saved collection.
  • Hidden by Me Laveen PHX Use the Hide icon to remove a listing from your news feed and saved searches.
  • Recommended Listings Laveen PHX If your Laveen PHX agent recommends a listing, it will appear in the recommended collection.
  • Hidden by Agent Laveen PHX If your agent removes a Laveen listing from your news feed and saved searches, it will still be viewable in this collection.
  • Saved Searches Laveen PHX Any saved searches created to your Laveen PHX account will appear under the name of the search. Click on a search to view the up-to-date listings it contains.
  • Manually Emailed Listings Laveen PHX Any listings your Laveen real estate agent has sent to you manually will appear under the emails subject line.
  • Using the menu options at the upper right corner of your FlexMLS Portal page, you may:

  • Go to the portal dashboard by clicking My Account and selecting Dashboard,
  • Manage whether your email address is confirmed to receive subscription updates by
  • clicking My Account and selecting E-mail Settings,
  • Contact your agent about a listing by clicking the Contact button,
  • or, Log Out of your portal by clicking Log Off.
  • Click the blue Actions button on the currently highlighted listing, and you may:

  • Contact your Laveen real estate agent about the listing by clicking Contact,
  • Contact your agent to request a showing of a Laveen home by clicking Request Showing,
  • Share the current listing or selected listings with others over e-mail, or to a variety of social networking sites by clicking Share,
  • Print listing information by clicking Print,
  • Compose or view messages about the listing by clicking Messages,
  • Make private notes about the listing by clicking Listing Notes.